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Latvian girl on web cam

Latvia's previous most deadly accident was a nursing home fire that killed 26 people in 2007.

At least 48 people were injured in the collapse, Usakovs said. Latvia's Interior Ministry said their families would receive 50,000 LVL (,600) in compensation.

Last week, the curtains of the ground-floor flat in the Soviet-era red-brick block where the family once lived were closed and there was no answer at the door.

It has also been revealed that Mrs Dmitrijeva and her family fled to Britain after learning their £100-a-month flat had been the scene of a chilling murder.

Forensic tests have revealed the body found is white, aged 15 to 23 with high cheek bones and 5ft 4in to 6in tall.

Alisa, who fits the description of the body, was last seen on August 31 in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, ten miles away.Latvia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said some of the victims of the collapse had not yet been identified."Police (are) currently working at the scene to identify the dead; for victim identification, police officers are also cooperating with relatives who gather on the site," a ministry statement said.Riga Mayor Nils Usakovs said authorities suspect building materials stored on the roof caused it to collapse Thursday.Debris piles up while people put flowers and light candles in front of the supermarket on November 23.

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But Mrs Dmitrijeva, 34, said she blamed herself for leaving Alisa at home in Latvia when she first came to work in this country as it had put a strain on their previously close relationship and led to rows that could have contributed to her daughter’s disappearance.

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